Hello and welcome to AirEco.

Before anything else we would like to point out that this is a virtual companies in no way do we sell airline tickets.

Our Va has some rules to respect.

Reglement Discord and Website:
1- Any lack of respect and politeness will not tolerate.
2- Discord and accessible to all members of the VA.
3- It and prohibited to invite a person on the discord without authorization of a member of the staf.
4- It is forbidden to share Illegal or pornographic websites on discord and on site.
5- It and prohibited to advertise for another site. "accept profile options".
6- It is forbidden to change nickname and in no case will it change.

Regulation of the pilots:
1- You will have to complete a minimum of one flight every 15 days.
2- You will have to use the company's software to validate your flights.
3- All flights must be booked within 24 hours.
4- Any pilots who fly on the networks will in any case have to respect the regulations of the networks.
5- Each driver must have this shown to be correct and flawless on networks when making flights on behalf of the VA.

Registration rules and conditions:
1- There is no restriction on the age of the pilots at the moment.
2- There is no condition of experience.
3- You must own one of these games: FSX - X-Plane - Prepar3D - FS04.
4-You must have at least one of these planes: B737 - B738 - A320 - Cessna 162.
5- You will have to choose a HUB and in no case will you be able to change Hub.
6- You must be a member of the company for more than 2 months before applying to become a hub manager.
7- At the time of registration you will have to choose a callign ex: AE000. It is forbidden to add a LETTRE ex: AE000A or AEP000.
8- If you do not have ID ivao you will have to be at the inscription the following id: 000000 or 111111.
9- Your profiles must be completed completely or your enrollment will be refused.
10- If your registration and refuse we have the right to not give the reason.
11- Once your account validate you will have 15 days to make your first flight or your account will be ANNULE.

In case of any problem or if you need help you can call the helpdesk:
To contact the administrators of the va uses the menu "Contact us".

Good fun and soon on AirEco.

I accept the Terms and Conditions and would like to continue in the registration process.